Lemons are a type of citrus fruits that are a good source of vitamin C. Lemon water is made from squeezing lemon juice into water. Lemon water has numerous health benefits when drunk regularly.

Most people prefer drinking warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps them cleanse their digestive system and gives them other health benefits. Some of the top health benefits of lemon water are;

Helps fight respiratory duct diseases

Lemon water helps cure respiratory diseases such as sore throats and inflammation of tonsils. Drink a cup of warm lemon water to cure or ease your throat issues and also prevent their occurrence.

Has detoxifying capabilities

Lemon water also has detoxifying capabilities in that it helps cleanse the liver and improve its functionality. The liver’s main job is to cleanse the blood from the digestive system of chemicals and toxins. Taking lemon water thus improves your liver functionality helping you efficiently get rid of toxins

Cuts weight

Lemon water has been proved to increase the metabolic rate. This goes a long way in helping you cut weight since most of the food consumed is put to use. Lemon water also makes one fill full and increases your water intake thus helping cut weight

Source of potassium

Lemons are also a good source of potassium. Potassium helps the brain and nerve system function properly. Potassium is good brain food and without the right level of potassium, one wouldn’t be able to think as clearly as they normally do.

Maintains digestive health

Drinking lemon water helps the digestive system function properly. It helps you digest food easily and prevents toxins from building up in the digestive system. Lemon water also helps relieve constipation.

Helps fight and cure common cold

Drinking warm lemon water can help cure common cold and sore throats. It also helps prevent getting the flu because of its antiviral and antibacterial capabilities. Drink lemon water when you are down with a cold to quicken your recovery.

Boosts immunity

Because of vitamin C found in lemon water, the body becomes more immune and resistant to disease causing germs and bacteria. The vitamin C also has antioxidant effects. These antioxidants help protect your cells from damaging free radicals.

Freshens breath

Lemon water also helps stimulate saliva in the mouth. This helps prevent a dry mouth which would otherwise encourage the growth of bacteria. This leaves your mouth having a fresh breath. Drink lemon water after eating food with strong scents such as ginger and fish to keep your breath fresh.

Good for the skin

Everybody loves a young-looking and glowing skin. Drinking lemon water helps prevent wrinkling of the skin and keeps it moisturized. This leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing.

Prevents kidney stones

Lemon water also has citrate. This citrate prevents calcium present in urine from binding with other compounds to form stones. This prevents the development of kidney stones and other kidney problems.



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