Being pregnant is thrilling and scary at the same time. The knowledge of carrying life and being responsible for bringing another human being into the earth is a great feeling, but one also heavy with confusion, particularly if not well prepared.

Most women do not care for the changes their bodies undergo during this stage. More than 90% of women end up getting ugly stretch marks after giving birth.

Whereas these marks portray a proud moment (being a mom!), they make someone feel a little too cautious about their bodies particularly when they want to lay bare (In a swim suit, maybe?).

The remedies presented in this post are 100% natural (no lasers or injections, chemicals or cuts of any kind) and they have been proven to work among many women.

Kindly note that in some instances, these remedies might not work for some women.

What causes stretch marks?

According to, stretch marks can be caused by a number of factors including the following;

• Pregnancy

The skin stretches to make space for the baby. This continuous adjustment and stretching ends up causing stretch marks

Rapid weight gain or weight loss

Many millennials in America today are gaining weight fast due to exposure to a lot of junk food. Unhealthy eating habits are to blame for this situation. When a person gains weight fast, the skin is forced to cope faster than in a normal situation and this results into stretch marks.

The same applies when a person loses weight fast. Rapid loss of weight can be associated with many factors including diseases and someone would be highly advised to consult a medical doctor for checkup.

Rapid growth rate among teenagers

Teenagers are shooting up like grass these days. In the event that the growth of these teenager is super-fast, the skin will be forced to adjust accordingly. This is one of the major reasons why most of our teenagers have stretch marks

• Applying creams and lotions that reduce the skin’s elasticity

We get it. We all want to look hip, with firm stomachs, boobs and body. No one wants to see loose skin. So we apply loads and loads of corticosteroid creams, pills and lotions.

We never stop to think for a moment what the side effects could be. Sadly, this is something many millennials are ignoring today.

Application of such cream tampers with the skin’s elasticity and decreases the skins ability to stretch naturally. This leaves ugly skin marks on our bodies.

• Adrenal gland disorders which increase the amount of cortisone in your body

Cortisone is a type of steroid injection that is used to treat inflammatory areas.

Examples of such syndromes and disorders include Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. People who suffer from these conditions should see the doctor for advice.

Where stretch Marks appear on the body

Stretch marks can appear on various parts of the body. The common areas include breasts, Stomach, Thighs, hips, buttocks and lower back.

Skin elasticity

It is important to improve the health of the skin so as to prevent having these stretch marks. By increasing the skin elasticity, the skin is able to stretch accordingly without leaving stretch marks.

What is skin elasticity and how does it affect your body?

Elasticity is the ability of the skin to stretch and then rescind back to normal shape later.

The reduction in the skin elasticity is defined as elastosis. The bad thing is, it is unavoidable because it is one of the components of the aging process. The good thing is, you can accelerate or decelerate this condition.

Deceleration or acceleration of elastosis is the major reason why you find one person, aged 30, looking like they are 75 years old and another aged 75 years old, looking like they are 30 years.

However, do not be deceived. Companies are minting billions of dollars by selling products and creams they claim that have the capacity to reverse the aging process.

You WILL age, as everyone else. And your skin will loose elasticity. You can only decelerate this process for some time.

As one ages, the skin goes through a normal tear and wear process and it loses its elasticity, and one gains wrinkles and gray hair as well.

The suppleness of your skin is determined by two main factors namely collagen and elastin. You can apply a number of techniques to prevent fast elastosis and improve the elasticity of your skin. Keep reading to learn how.

Techniques to improve skin elasticity

Limit the time you are exposed to the sun

Getting a tan on your next holiday to the Caribbean is a great idea but remember that the sun is one of the largest enemies of the skin. Your skin is the shield that protects your body and it should be treated well. You do not want to look so weathered and beat-up by exposing yourself too long to the sun’s rays.

Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the main causes of elastosis. Decelerate the process by quitting smoking.

Drink a lot of water

Water gives our body cells the nourishment it needs. Water keeps the skin hydrated. The American Dietetics Association recommends 91 ounces (about 11 cups/day) for women and 125 ounces (about 15 cups/day) for men.

Apply sunscreen

As we go about our daily activities, it is sometimes impossible to avoid the sun’s exposure. It is also highly encouraged to get some level of exposure to the sun (vitamin D and all) … To avoid damaging your skin, apply some sunscreen to your body as a protective layer.

Use creams

Get a vitamin A cream. It is better than taking supplements. The most popular one is Retinol.

Use Supplements

Vitamin C assists in the formation of Collagen and Cartilage. Vitamin E also contains anti-oxidants which increase elasticity.
You can also use Lutein, which treats the degeneration of muscles and leads to an improvement in the skin elasticity to some point.

Go under the knife

If you really crave a firm skin and you can afford it, you can always consider undergoing surgery.
Once the stretch marks appear, its best to work on them as fast as possible.

There’s no specific scientific explanation for this. It is easier to deal with the problem the moment it appears.

Why some women get stretch marks and others do not

You noted that we stated that about 90% women get these stretch marks. What about the 10%, you may ask? Why don’t they get stretchmarks?

Besides sheer luck and living a healthy lifestyle, it has been found that genetics plays a very important role in this. If your mother had a lot of these stretch marks, there is a high chance that you could also have them (or not- like we said, sheer luck in some cases).

When you get these marks, do not worry, follow the directive in this article and you can get rid of them.

How to remove these stretchmarks from your body

Disclaimer: The directions provided here are not fool-proof and may not work 100%. This information is based on research carried out on random women. The products recommended have not been verified.

1. Stay Hydrated

Let’s start with the basic and obvious one. Drink a lot of water during the period of your pregnancy. A hydrated skin is a happy skin.

Some women may find it hard drinking over 2 litres of water (approx. 64 Ounces) per day. Now worries, grab an electrolyte drink (amazon link) and keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

2. Eat real food diets

It is vital to eat well balanced real food diets during the pregnancy period. This is because you need to build on collagen, the element that assists your skin in stretching. Real foods are many and they are very nutritious, particularly when taken in organic form.

– Organic Raw milk

There are many benefits associated with raw milk. Right off the bat, raw milk contains butterfat, which allows for milk digestion. It is also rich in vitamins A, D and K.

The milk is specifically good for the unborn baby and infants because it allows for 100% absorption of the iron in the milk. Do not worry about homogenization and pasteurization.

The following video deconstructs the myth related to risk in raw milk versus homogenized milk.

You can buy powdered raw milk or butterfat that can last you a long time here.

– Organic Farm fresh products

These include products such as eggs, organic vegetables, organic meats and other local produce. For us who cannot stay away from chips, you can order organic Chips and organic broth from Amazon.


3. Apply Organic Stretch mark creams

There are numerous stretch marks creams in the market today. It is important to exercise due caution when choosing the best cream to use.

The following creams are organic and they are helpful in prevention of stretch marks. Apply only one particular cream at a time. You can find these products on Amazon.

4. Supplements

Supplements, if well taken, are also a great way of getting rid of stretch marks from your body. In this article we, review two great supplements.

– Gelatin

Gelatin has been known to slow the aging process and improve the skin for ages now. Many foods, such as Jello include this as a main ingredient.

It is composed of amino acids which are derived from collagen, a well-known substance which has a lot of benefits to the skin and hair. Gelatin is derived from bones, tissues and animal organs.

– Krill and Fish Oil

Fish and Krill oils are also very good for the skin. Krill is specifically superior to fish oil in a number of ways.

TOM’s DIY CREAM- 100% Organic

The following recipe is 100% natural and you can do it at home. Follow the instructions as prescribed.


• 1 table spoon vitamin E oil
• 1/4 cup raw cocoa butter
• 2 TB almond oil
• 1/2 cup virgin organic coconut oil
• 20 drops of Geranium
• 2 TB rosehip oil


1. Melt your coconut oil and cocoa butter.
2. Pour the molten oil into a container and let it cool to skin temp.
3. Add in your other oils and blend together until fluid and smooth
4. Let it cool.
5. Place it in a container and store in a cool, dark place


Apply 2-3 times per day directly. You should be able to see positive results in a few weeks.

Final thoughts

We hope you will be able to get rid of your stretch marks or prevent them from occurring by applying tactics we have advised on here.

Kindly note that positive results are not 100% guaranteed and it is a process that takes considerable time. You have to be patient and consistent.

However, we would love to hear from you about your journey and you can feel free to ask any question related to the topic, products reviewed here or general observation on the same. Cheers!

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