• muffins- sugar cravings

    How to get rid of Sugar Cravings naturally

    Do you always have space in your stomach for sugary foods even after having a filling meal?

    Then you just might be a sweet tooth. Sugar craving must not be confused to hunger.

    Hunger is your body calling for energy whereas sugar craving is
  • anatomy TOM

    5 Great Foods to Heal Your Gut Naturally

    Your gut is very influential in determining your overall health. A poorly functioning gut is a source of chronic diseases and other illnesses.

    Your gut health is mainly determined by what you eat. It is in our guts that most minerals and
  • lemon water TOM

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

    Lemons are a type of citrus fruits that are a good source of vitamin C. Lemon water is made from squeezing lemon juice into water. Lemon water has numerous health benefits when drunk regularly.

    Most people prefer drinking warm lemon water in
  • guide on how to take care of your hair naturally

    The ultimate guide on how to take care of your hair naturally

    We all love our hair. As women, our hair forms part of our beauty and pride. Whether you keep it short, flowing or whichever way you fancy, hair is a huge part of your identity. It also speaks volumes about the type of woman you are.

    You do
  • pregnant woman the organic millennial

    How to remove Pregnancy Stretch marks naturally

    Being pregnant is thrilling and scary at the same time. The knowledge of carrying life and being responsible for bringing another human being into the earth is a great feeling, but one also heavy with confusion, particularly if not well
  • coconut oil the organic millennial

    Is Coconut Oil Good for You or “Pure Poison?” Here Are the Facts

    You might have come across numerous articles that have detailed countless wonders of coconut oil. Some have argued that the miracles of coconut oil range from being an excellent skin conditioner, obesity check monster, good heart health
  • sleeping woman the organic millennial

    5 Natural Tips for Improving Sleep

    Perhaps at times you have taken sleeping pills after spending sleepless nights and having a bad day at work.

    You are not alone. According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) around a third of all adults sleep less than six
  • healthy snacks organic millennial

    7 Nutritionist Approved Organic Snacks That Will Keep You Full

    Choosing the best snack for you can be a puzzle. The best approach is first to find out what is healthy for you then go a step further and see if your choice is easy to pack, is inexpensive and well balanced. But if your choice of snack will not
  • 5 Healthy Organic Alternatives to White Flour

    It might hit you hard if today your nutritionist told you to cut your favorite daily snack made of white flour. Upon explaining to you the reason why and the many alternatives you have at your disposal, you’ll slowly nod in appreciation. Like
  • Tattoo health risks and how to avoid them

    Tattoo health issues are real. When Cate Gallinger sought to get a Sclera tattoo, she never anticipated that it could go horribly wrong and even risk losing her eye. She has to undergo a series of expensive corrective surgeries over time to

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